Vis Ed Corp


Carlos Oliveira | President
(214) 536-5878 | [email protected]
Jase Depperschmidt | VP of Expansion
(405) 612-4965 | [email protected]
Our mission is to provide our clients with all critical resources for deployment of highly effective training programs.

Vis Ed Corp offers a comprehensive approach to the development, delivery, and maintenance of training programs. No other provider of educational services gives clients 360 degree solutions that seamlessly integrate software, hosting, production of content, and comprehensive support for staff and students.

Core Competencies

  • Software:
    We developed the most advanced, user-friendly, visually engaging, and intuitive Learning Management System (LMS) with enhanced data and security capabilities.

  • Production:
    We specialize in providing the necessary resources for training: videos, slides, scripts, manuals, assessments, assignments, and hardware.

  • Support:We offer comprehensive support-technical and academic to staff and students. We will help with every step, from program setup to ongoing 24/7 assistance.


  • One-Stop Shop:
    With Vis Ed, you can avoid the challenges of hiring multiple providers. We offer content development, support, learning system, hardware, and servers all in one place.

  • Advanced Reporting:
    Take control of your training through our cutting-edge reporting features. We supply you with an extensive set of data points for measuring the success of your training.

  • Team:We have a team of content creators, videographers, academic specialists, technicians, and support personnel to ensure easy to implement processes and the best possible outcome.

Past Performance

  • IBM:
    Vis Ed was used in the creation and implementation of IBM's largest online training program, successfully training over 6,000 people in the operation of supercomputers.

  • Microsoft:
    Microsoft chose Vis Ed as the provider for the Train-The-Trainer program, adeptly accommodating the enrollment of more than 1,800 trainers per day with seamless execution.

  • CompTIA:Vis Ed has been employed globally to provide multilingual instruction to students seeking CompTIA certifications worldwide.

Vis Ed is a Minority Owned Small Business